Entergy meets public over park plant
Tommiea P. Jackson
April 20, 2004
Open lines of communication may be one step toward calming the fears of some residents who fear that the Park Street Entergy plant may cause great danger to Monroe residents living near the plant.
About 24 residents, Entergy officials and Citizens for Clean Air and Water participated in a 90-minute discussion about a Feb. 27 fire at the plant and the potential for future incidents at the facility.
The plant houses dangerous chemicals such as carbon dioxide, asbestos and polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), said Kathryn Lemoine, CCAW member.
Entergy's Sterlington Plant Manager Charles Weatherford said that the chemicals Lemoine listed are not found in dangerous levels.
Fire extinguishers on the site contain carbon dioxide, Weatherford said. Asbestos provides insulation and is not airborne. The company, he said, already has plans to drain transformers containing PCB levels that are barely above limits.
"It is not a requirement," Weatherford said.
Entergy Louisiana-north region manager Kenny Solley, said the plant, which is not used full-time, does not store hazardous materials on the premises and that it is "virtually impossible for there to be a catastrophic explosion" at the plant as a previous CCAW press release alleged.
Jean and Jerry Fields said they do not support the closing of the plant, one of CCAW's earlier goals.
"Let's face the facts," said Jean Fields, 70. "If it gets that hot in the summer, we need it. If people don't like it, they can move."
The concerns posed by residents and responses from Entergy representatives were very helpful, said Elisabeth Grant-Gibson of CCAW.
"All we want is to have input so we know what they are doing."
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April 20, 2004