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From: <Latrice724@aol.com>
Date: Thu, 6 Oct 2005 01:14:53 EDT
Subject: Mary Jane Blakely Douglas, Olivia blakely lewis and James Lemon/Lemmon DouglasSr
I am trying to get information on my great grandmother Mary Blakely Doulgas and her sister Olivia Blakely Lewis(I remember her sister, she died when I was in elementary school, but my g grandmother died when my grandmother was a child, therefore, I do not have any information. I need information as to who were her parents and did she have anymore brothers and sisters and who were they. My g greatparents lived off of Desiard St in Monroe. No physical address. Last known address for my g great aunt was Magnolia street in Monroe.
As for Janes Lemon/Lemmon Douglas Sr, my great grandfather, he died when my grandmother was a child also. Leaving no history behind.. He also lived off of Desiard St in Monroe, no history on any brothers/sisters or his parents.
Known cousin is Whipyou Williams. This is an africian american family.. Any information would be helpful.

From: clara cornell <imheavenboundru2@hotmail.com>
Date: Mon, 03 Oct 2005 14:59:49 -0400
To: <suelynn@bayou.com>
Like to here from anyone connected to
Alonzo C Carter - Sara Carter - George W Carter - Joseph C Carter - James Carter -Tabatha Carter -Wiliam Carter - Millard F Carter - George Banion Carter -Mittie Carter -William W Carter Rufus A Carter
Any CARTER and BUTLER realtives from 1800's at Point, La or Ouachita Valley
William W Butler -- Cynthia Cathrine Butler-- email Clara imheavenboundru2@hotmail.com

From: david hinson <dhinsonl@cox.net>
Date: Sun, 2 Oct 2005 14:25:25 -0500
Subject: waller families
Looking for anyone related to Waller families born in Amite Co Miss. and married in Lincoln Parish and death in Monroe.
Thanks for any help. Frances Waller Hinson dhinsonl@cox.net

From: <Bettebeeyuma@aol.com>
Date: Mon, 26 Sep 2005 14:03:33 EDT
Subject: bettebeeyuma@aol.com
My 3rd greatgrandfather, James Anderson and wife, Fannie Griffin, lived in or about present day Monroe, LA. Their daughter, Prudence, was born about 1805. This means my g-g-g-grandparents were probably in Ouachita Parish at least after the 1803 Purchase. I am interested in gaining any info. regarding the existance of James other than the 1810 and 1820 census. I would love to know if there are any old records regarding him or his family and possibly which state they came from before Louisiana. Thank you.

From: Kevin Pope <kpope@reliable-env.com>
Date: Sat, 10 Sep 2005 13:24:42 -0700
Subject: Feazel/Honeycutt Family
I have been researching my great great grandparents’ family in Farmerville. They were Britton (1832-1908) and Louisa Jane (Gee Odom) Honeycut. I believe that Britton’s mother was Mary Mae Feazel. I believe that both the Honeycuts and Feazels were early settlers in the area but I wonder if there is some information on the local history. I do not know what brought them or other settlers to the area. Britton’s brother went to Texas and later his daughter, Martha Jane Honeycut. I wondered if there was any sort of migration from Quachita Parish to Texas.
Lori Belden Pope

From: <rodericrussell@charter.net>
Date: Wed, 7 Sep 2005 12:32:19 -0500
Subject: William Patrick
I am looking for information on the William Patrick plantation in Ouachita. My great great grandfather Aaron Russell was a slave on that plantation and after the war a share cropper. I noticed a query from Edna Gail Patrick McGinty in 2004 that mentioned a William Patrick, but I have been unable to get in touch with her.

From: Betty Josey <bjosey@sw.rr.com>
Date: Sun, 4 Sep 2005 12:20:46 -0500
Subject: Re: Joseys in Ouachita
Clifford Causby Josey sometimes went by the name Cosby Colonel Josey and C.C. Josey. Born 27 Oct 1880 and died 22 March 1970.

From: rosa sharp <rnsharprn@bellsouth.net>
Date: Sun, 28 Aug 2005 13:35:16 -0500
Subject: William Nichols and Delila (Gore) Nichols
The first information I have on the Nichols side of my family is that they were in Caldwell Parish on the 1840 Federal Census. Since Caldwell Parish was created in 1838 from Catahula and Ouachita parishes, I wonder if there is any information on them in your Parish? They married in TN and first child, Manora, was born in AL. This information is from the census.
Thanks, Rosa Sharp      rnsharprn@cs.com          rnsharprn@bellsouth.net

From: <bgeot@bellsouth.net>
Date: Mon, 22 Aug 2005 16:02:06 -0400
Subject: David GLEASON 1759-1823
Searching for info and descendants of David GLEASON, 1759 Worcester MA ˆ 1823 Ouachita Parish, wife Barbara de Moss, died 1821 Ouachita Parish.
David and Barbara came to Ouachita Poste 1790-3 from Natchez. He served as Corporal in the Spanish Dragoons of Fort Miro, Ouachita. Had a plantation on Bayou DiSiard.
Their children were:
David Jr, 1791 probably Natchez ˆ 1823 Ouachita Parish
All others born Ouachita.
James, 1793
Simon, c1795
Leticia, 1798
Mary Elizabeth Felicity (Betsy), 1800
Barbara, 1803
Phineas, c1805
Stephen, c1807
Isaac Shadrick, 1813
Please email any response to bgeot@bellsouth.net.
George Turnipseed

From: <bgeot@bellsouth.net>
Date: Mon, 22 Aug 2005 10:09:06 -0400
Searching for info and ancestors of Thomas Parker Richardson MD (1825 Granville Co NC ˆ 1882 Monroe LA), wife Frances Alabama Simmons (1835 Wetumpka Autauga Co AL ˆ 1872 Monroe LA)
Their children:
Elizabeth Slaughter Richardson 1855-?
Sallie Neal Coleman Richardson 1857-1937
Mary Gaston Richardson 1858-?
Frances Gaston Richardson 1859-?
Thomas Parker Richardson Jr 1861-?
John Robert Richardson 1863- 1906
Samuel Simmons Richardson 1865-?
William Addison Richardson 1866-1924
Please respond to bgeot@bellsouth.net.
George Turnipseed

From: <SSNO9@aol.com>
Date: Sun, 14 Aug 2005 14:17:48 EDT
I am looking for information on the sale of a slave woman named Minerva who was sold on October 15, 1859. She was sold by Milton O. Smith or Milton C. Smith of Claiborne parish to William Oliver of Ouchita Parish. I would greatly appreciate any information on any of the above named individuals. thank you. sincerely, Minerva

From: Betty Harris <bettyharris@cablelynx.com>
Date: Sat, 30 Jul 2005 14:41:27 -0700
Subject: Re: Geno & J. W. Smith, Architech
I would like more info about is J. W. SMITH, He attained an architech degree from Louisana Tech & lived at Monroe for many years. I believe he is buried there in the city. J. W. SMITH was born about 1865 in GA, probably Henry County. He married in Lincoln Par. January 21, 1886 to Sallie M. Givens. They had 4 children Twin girls & 2 boys The boys names were J.W.Smith,JR and Percy Smith. At least one of the boys, I believe J.W. Smith,JR, was in the building business with his father. The father didnot die until after WWII. Just last month I saw an article in the Union Par. LA Visitor's Guide stating that the Bernice Civic Club on LA Hwy. 2 was design & built by J.W. Smith & Associates, Monroe Architechs in 1939. Could you help my mom & I find out where his business was located? Or where he is buried? We have been told that he designed some of the old buldings in your downtown area. I plan to visit there in the fall & would like to attain more information about this relative, J.W. SMITH and his descendants.
From: <JRTHAC@aol.com>
Date: Thu, 28 Jul 2005 00:28:09 EDT
Subject: Looking for info on Mason H Sims
I am looking for info on my 2nd GGF, Mason H Sims. He was last found in the 1870 census (Ward 6, Ouachita), with wife Kizziah Grisham, children James W, Jeremiah, and Sarah.
The 1880 census shows Kizziah married to Joel L Butler, and James W Sims as stepson. No sign of Mason and the other children. Also Kizziah and James Sims are buried in Butler Cemetery, but not Joel L Butler.

From: jimmy caraway <jsak006@bellsouth.net>
Date: Wed, 20 Jul 2005 00:03:15 -0500
Subject: Mason family
I'm looking for any information on James H. Mason (wish I knew what the H. was). He was born in 1846 probably in Morehouse or Union parish, Louisiana. He had one known sister, Margaret Ann Mason, born 1842. She married Thomas Charles Lewis, a lawyer and newspaper owner. Margaret and Charles moved to Church Point, La. where they died. My focus is on James and Margaret's parents who I assume were dead by 1850 since they were living with Mary Malinda Wilds McDowell and her husband by this time. Any information would be much appreciated. Please contact me at jsak006@bellsouth.net anytime. Thanks.

From: V Davis <davis_v4680@sbcglobal.net>
Date: Thu, 14 Jul 2005 22:45:10 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: Golston Family
I am looking for information on my grandmother's family. Most of them lived in Monroe but some were born in Bastrop, MerRouge, and maybe Colinston. My grandmothers maiden was Sally Wilson.Her mother's name was Anna Golston. Anna Golston had a brother named Ed Golston who had small businesses in Monroe. Anna and Ed's mother was named Rose Golston.My grandmother Sally was born in January 1915.She married a man whose last name was Horton.
My grandmother had 3 brothers, one who is rumored to have died as an infant.We want information on the Golstons(we are not sure if this is the exact spelling for Golston)Uncle Ed Golston owned a big two story house at 800 Wood Street in Monroe, (either is or is close to where the Monroe Civic Center is today). He owned several cafes downtown

From: <BMATTISON@aol.com>
Date: Wed, 13 Jul 2005 11:00:12 EDT
Subject: Need some look up help. (Ingleside Plantation)
I am Bryan Mattison, grandson of Henry and Ennis Bower, who was a brother to Louis Bower, who married Pearl Fennell, daughter of Robert Fennell. Robert Fennell purchased the Ingleside Plantation in or about 1915.
I would like to know when was the Plantation established and maybe by who.
In talking with Ann Bower Kapp (daughter of Robert Fennell) they really don't know when it was established either. Maybe you can shed some light on this for us.

From: Fannie Oliver <fannieo@bellsouth.net>
Date: Tue, 12 Jul 2005 15:46:10 -0500
Seeking any information on George W. Stewart who was in Oua, Parish up until 1820.
Any information greatly appreciated.

From: Billie Frintner <frintner@LocalLink.net>
Date: Sat, 9 Jul 2005 08:49:44 -0400
I am looking for any information for my Grandmother Sarah or Sallie A. George, born
Approx.1872 in West Monroe (?) and my Grandfather William Pascal Fowler .
They had 6 children, Russell, William Grady, Hull Asbury, Talton Theodore
(my father), Arena, and Edna. My Grandfather died in the early 1900's when
my father was a child. Great Grandparents supposedly built Walnut Grove
Cemetery Church. Sallie died approx. 1959, and buried at Walnut Grove
Cemetery.. Any information on the Fowler and George families will be greatly
appreciated .

From: james mitchell
Date: Mon, 18 Jul 2005
Subject: Looking for Descendants of CivWar Soldier CALVIN JOHNSON, b
20 Mar 1849 d 22 Oct 1878, 47 yrs 7 mo 2 dy, interred at Antioch
Church Road and Hwy 34, near Cadeville.
GRAVE MARKER DEDICATION for this CivWar Soldier is set for Spring '06.
Looking for descendants as follows: dau Nellie Johnson, b 1876
Cadeville, wife, Mary Elizabeth Johnson nee COCKRELL, b 1851 LA;
daughter of Thomas F. COCKRELL and Elizabeth A. BELL. MEJ married
Calvin 2 Apr 1870 at Cadeville. After Calvin's death, she remarried 8
Feb 1878 to Eli S. PARKER. 1880 Census Ouachita shows a dau Mattie A.
Parker, age 9, b GA; son, James A. Parker, age 7, b GA; daughter,
Rebecca N. Parker, age 6, b LA and step-daughter Nellie Johnson, age
4, b LA. Any descendants should contact jemitch46@gmail.com for details on
grave marker ceremony.

From: SueLynn, CC Ouachita GenWeb
Date: Mon, 11 Jul 2005
Subject: Monroe Drillers baseball team 1924-1927
I am trying to find a group picture and/or individual who played with this team. It was moved to Baton Rouge during the flood. Any infomraiton appreciated.

From: LaVerne <lad123@wt.net>
Date: Thu, 16 Jun 2005 14:09:50 -0500
Subject: Holmes, Adams, Mygatt, Collins, Parrish
Am looking for any information:

Ibera Sophia Holmes was my ggrandmother's sister. In 1860, Ibera, age 18,was in the household of J. B. Chapman of Port Jefferson, Morehouse Parish, LA. Some time in the 1860s she married an Adams,and apparently her husband died leaving her with 3 children, Charles W. Adams, Fanny Adams, Izola Adams. On Sept. 8, 1870 Ibera Adams married J. W. Mygatt. The 1880 census shows her as Ms. I. S. Collins, a widow, with Chas. W. Adams, son, age 15, Fanny Adams, dau, age ,13, and Izola Adams, dau. age 11, and Lizzie Mygatt, dau. age 9. All this was in Morehouse Parish.

In the 1900 census of Ouachita Paris, LA is shown the household of M. O. Parish, head, m, age 34, with wife, Lizzie, age 28, with Charlie, son, age 2, and Mrs. I. S. Collins, mother-in-law.

In 1910 census Ogden Parish is in the household with (I assume a brother and family). And Ogden and son Charlie and daughter Gertie are shown, and Ogden is shown as a widow. So Lizzie Mygatt Parish apparently died during the 10 years prior. Mrs. I. S. Collins either died or went to live with another child.

The only part of this that I knew before yesterday 6-15-05, was that Ibera Holmes lived in the home of J. B. Chapman in Morehouse Parish in 1860 and that she was the widow Adams whenever her father's estate was finally settled. All this other I found yesterday on the internet.

Any information will be appreciated. My primary e-mail address is
ladixon1231 at yahoo.com. Thanks for anything you can contribute.
Laverne Dixon <mailto:ladixon1231@yahoo.com>

From: Doris Ann Gorman <gormannola@bellsouth.net>
Date: Thu, 9 Jun 2005 22:04:14
Subject: Sehlinger
Seeking information on the SEHLINGER family that lived in Monroe, Louisiana.

From: Hhousebe@wmconnect.com
Date: Wed, 8 Jun 2005 22:58:50 EDT
Subject: Rounsavall Family
Looking for information on Issac Rounsavall Family.
They are listed on the Morehouse Parish 1870 federal census as Isac Rounsafall
household. They married in Bossier parish in 1851. I cannot find them in 1860.

From: Yvette Allen <yallen@seworks.org>
Date: Wed, 8 Jun 2005 13:49:22 -0700
Subject: Looking for Relatives/Allen/Perkins
I am looking for my relatives I met 5 years ago after my father’s death. I have lost contact with them and I have no way of contacting anyone. My grandmother’s name was Emma Perkins, she died in west Monroe. I met family when I was there. Mary and Anne. Anne had 2 children who are grown now her daughters name is Chandra and I forgot her son’s name. Anne’s mothers name was Susie. I also had a great aunt, Aunt Jamie who passed as well. Aunt Jamie had a grandson by the name of Tanka. My fathers name was Augustas E. Allen and he died in 1994 of lung cancer. I was never able to find out if I had anymore relatives on his side when I visited west Monroe. My grandfather, on my father’s side was Augustas Eugence Allen although he died before my father was born. My father was raised by his father’s parents. I hope someone can find someone or some info. I am the only Allen left

From: Lrcmom@aol.com
Date: Wed, 8 Jun 2005 02:
Subject: Barlow
I am looking for any information on the Elmer Barlow family which consisted of Elmer (or Elmore), wife, Mary Roberts Barlow (she remarried someone named Dowdy), son William T. Barlow, born 1913 and son, Elmer Jr., born 1916. Both Elmer Sr. and Mary Barlow were born in 1894. Mary and son, Elmer Jr. are buried at Riverview Cemetery in Monroe. Wm. T. or Billy Barlow is buried in East Baton Rouge. Billy was married and had five children, 4 daughters, Rosemary, Candy Sue, Linda and Ann. One son, Glenn. Thank you!.

From: Redetta1@aol.com
Date: Fri, 3 Jun 2005 09:19:57 EDT
Subject: auttonberry
my father (ellis edward auttonberry) is currently a resident of ouchita parish. his father's name is andrew jackson auttonberry, who died in ouchita parish. i am trying to go back from this starting point. any assistance would be appreciated.

From: Lee Brady <wbrady@houston.rr.com>
Date: Wed, 1 Jun 2005 11:37:32 -0500
Subject: relocated cemetery
I am trying to locate a cemetery near Monroe that was moved when I-20 was
made. Any names of cemeteries that were relocated would be very helpful. His
name was John Carlos Robinson and his birth date was 1859.

From: Marion Greiner <HouseMaster35@carolina.rr.com>
Date: Sat, 7 May 2005
Subject: John B. & Clara George
Hello! I'm looking for information on John B. & Clara George listed in the 1910 census living in Ouachita, LA. In the 1910 census, they had charge of a 7-year old girl named Mary Hester. I believe Mary was my great grandmother. Also, the George's took in boarders. I would like any info on the George's, their boarding house or Mary Hester, the girl living with them in 1910. Please reply to lisaroxanne59@yahoo.com. Thank you!

From: Tenile Brum <tenileb@sbcglobal.net>
Date: Fri, 6 May 2005
Subject: Finister Family Information
Hello! I am looking to obtain photos and or information about my family the Finister family. I am the daughter of Ishman Finister the son of Fletcher and Bessie Finister of Sicily Island, LA. Any information about my family would be greatly appreciated.

From: ngha <ngha@wnonline.net>
Date: Fri, 6 May 2005 14:33:19 -0500
Subject: sanders family in ouachita
My g-g-grandfather was Joseph Andrew Jackson Sanders, born 1824 in Georgia; his wife's name was Mary Ann. Before he, his wife, and two sons, John and Alexander, moved to Natchitoches Parish in 1872, he had lived in Ouachita Parish. I am interested in any information on this Sanders family living in Ouachita Parish particularly Mary Ann's maiden name. Thanks. Diane Gunter, Natchitoches, La. dmg1945@cox-internet.com

From: <Bjh5@aol.com>
Date: Sun, 17 Apr 2005 22:05:28 EDT
Subject: Theo Woods
I am looking for facts pertaining to the birth and deaths of Charles T. Woods, Willie (William) Woods, and Theo Woods who are buried in Riverview Cemetery. Also Theo Woods was ran over by a train in the mid 30's. Betty Hand

Date: Fri, 8 Apr 2005 09:24:03 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: Glass-Last name
I would like information on the last name of "Glass" during 1945-1949. I have medical problems and am seeking any information on this family. I don't know first names. I was adopted when I was three years old through the state and only know that my birth place is listed as Monroe, La.

From: <MJCMTEX@aol.com>
Date: Tue, 5 Apr 2005 14:21:12 EDT
Subject: Jones, Courson
I am looking for info on JC and Jimmie Jones,sons of Charlie Lee Jones and mother is a Courson.If you have info please contact me at mjcmtex@aol.com

From: "penny.tilley"
Date: Tue, 15 Mar 2005 11:27:26 -0600
Subject: family

From: Pamelyn Williams
Date: Sun, 13 Mar 2005
Subject: Great Grandfather and Family
I am looking for my greatfather and family. His name is Eddie Lewis as of 1920 he lived in West Baton Rouge, Louisana, Port Alber Township Ward #3 along with his wife Melenia (not sure spelling of wife name is correct) and their 7 children. Their names are Laura, Alura, Eddie Jr., James, Douglas, Wildrero, Sonny. My grandfather's mother and father were also born in Lousiana (names unknown) If anyone has any information please email:pamelynwilliams@sbcglobal.net. Thanks alot.

From: Beverly Cashen
Date: Fri, 11 Mar 2005
Subject: Seeking info for STAFFORD
Looking for information on my great grand father and grand mother, named Frank Stafford and Selena Stafford. They had six children named Irving Stafford, Viola Stafford, William Stafford, Mary Stafford, Frank Stafford Jr., Elizabeth Dorothy Stafford. They were all born in Lake Charles, Louisiana from 1893 - 1911. They had mid wife for all births, so no birth certificates. Great Grandmothers mothers name was Mary Martin. Any help is appreciated.
Frank Stafford was known to have been a whiskey runner in Louisiana and he was murdered/ambushed by someone and killed. We do not know the year he was killed, but it must have been between 1900 and 1910. Any help is greatly appreciated. Beverly Cashen, Great Granddaughter of Frank & Selena Stafford

From: Tom McCoy
Date: Tue, 1 Mar 2005
Subject: Blazier
I am researching the Blazier, Avery, Hubbard, and Fowler lines in Ouachita Parish. My grandmother, Kathleen Blazier Fowler had a book written about the Blazier but it was destroyed in 1965 by a house fire. Does anyone know anything about his book. It was written by a George Blazier.

From: Pamelyn Williams
Date: Sat, 12 Mar 2005
Subject: Great, Great, Great Grandfather Jack and Harriet Livingston and Family
My grandfather Jack and grandmother Harriet Livingston and family lived in Ward No. 7 in the County of Ouachita, Louisana in 1880. Their children names are Jack Jr., Hal, Clinton, Elizabeth, james, Sammuel, Hattie, Mattie Livingston. If there is any information or members of the family please contact me by email.

From: <markchines@comcast.net>
Date: Sun, 13 Feb 2005
Subject: west monroe LA query (Hines - Frantom)
I would like to post a query concerning the Hines family from Monroe/West Monroe, Ouachita Parish. The names I have are these. Thomas H. Hines (my dad), Robert M. Hines (my gd), Alice Frantom (gm), Leo Hines, (R.M. Hines bro.), William S. Hines (my ggd) Maybe from the Carolinas? Bill Hines (my u), James Hines (my u), Genny Hines (my A)

From: Jan Price <jan.price@comcast.net>
Date: Fri, 11 Feb 2005
Subject: Query Related to Ouachita Parish
I am searching for descendants of Malcom and Francesca Shotwell Biedenharn. They had at least two daughters, Jo and Francesca. I would like to make contact with family members as Francesca's ancestors include members of the Cowie and Duffus families, the latter of which I am researching. Thank you for any assistance.

From: <sbhollis@bellsouth.net>
Date: Thu, 3 Feb 2005
Subject: Barnett(s)
Looking for Lafayette Raines Barnett(e) or maybe he went by L.R. Barnett. Born in the mid-late 1800's maybe Caldwell Parish but since Caldwell was once part of Ouachita and Catahoula, not sure where to look. If anyone recognizes this name from anywhere, please email me. Thank you. Susan Hollis

From: dycantan@bellsouth.net
Date: Sun, 30 Jan 2005
Subject: Charles Brownlee
My Grandfather is Charles Brownlee and he died when I was very young. I am trying to find out any information anyone has on him. I know that he worked at the mill in West Monroe for a long time i'm possitive since it was Olincraft. I think he was safety director i'm not positive. He Lived in Calhoun, Louisiana around the 103 exit.

From: ricbru@katamail.com
Date: Fri, 21 Jan 2005
Subject: Decendents of Nicholas Bruno
I would like to make a contact with any discendent of Nicholas BRUNO (1892-1962), brother of my grandfather Leonardo, and Nellie GUERRIERO (1900-1965). Nicholas BRUNO, a native of Trapani (Italy), was the owner of Bruno's Electric Shoe Shop located on 106 N. 2nd Street in Monroe, Ouachita Parish, between 1928 and late 1950's. The couple had a baby girl, Sara Ellen; she got married with somebody whose last name was Benton.
I'll wait for an answer. Thanks in advance. Riccardo Bruno---
Also, ooking for the manifest ship list of my great-uncle, Nicolò BRUNO, who emigrated from Trapani (Sicily, Italy) to U.S. on 1904. Any help or suggestion is appreciated

From: Tom Williams <TomWilliams231@comcast.net>
Date: Thu, 20 Jan 2005 10:29:05 -0500
Subject: Tennille - Russell - Hughes - McLawchlin - Bartholomew CemeterySearching for descendants of the Benjamin Tennille, General John Hughes, Augustus D. Russell, Henry Hamilton Russell, Judge James McLawchlin, Morehouse, Hook, and related families. Also, interested in the Bartholomew Cemetery and the Tennille Cemetery.
Please note my new email address. Tom Williams, Hixson, Tennessee.

From: Kenneth and Elaine <kstrickland@jam.rr.com>
Date: Thu, 20 Jan 2005 08:01:13 -0600
Subject: Laura Land
I am looking for any one who can tell me about Laura Land. She married William Riey Strickland Aprial 02-1873. They had two children Mamie Catherine and James Robert. the marige license was recorded at the Morehouse Parish Court House.I can't find any Birth, death, Father, Mother,Or if there were any Brothers and or Sisters. Mamie lived in Monroe Most of her life, James Robert lived his life near and around Winn And LaSalle Parishes. I need all the help I can get,

From: Trish Elliott-Kashima <pkashima@lorettotel.net>
Date: Sat, 15 Jan 2005 11:47:58 -0600
Subject: Richard Wiley Melton of Ouachita Parish, LA
Searching for any descendants of Richard Wiley Melton (b 4 Sept 1833, Marion Co GA) who came from Marion CO GA to Ouachita Parish LA with wife Jane B. Clements (married 24 Aug 1856, Marion Co GA) and children sometime between 1870 and 1873. Richard Wiley was the son of Matthew Melton (I descend from Matthew's daughter Martha "Mattie" who married James E. Short and stayed in Marion Co GA). He was the grandson of McKinney Melton. I suspect that several of their children are buried in Ouachita Co LA as the 1900 census shows that there were only 5 of Jane's 12 children were living at that time. Children: Wiley (b ca 1858, I believe he was in Winn Parish, LA in 1910); Ida (b ca 1860, GA, living 1880); Ella or Emma (b ca 1862, GA, living 1880); Anna (b ca 1864 GA, living 1880); Della/Dillah (b ca 1866 GA, living 1880); McKinney M. "Mack"(b ca Apr 1869, living in 1900); Alberta (b ca 1870, GA, desc by 1880); Jacob (b ca 1873, LA; living 1880); Orean L (b ca 1877, LA, living 1880). Richard died 10 Dec 1882 in Ouachita Parish LA. Family history suggests that Richard Wiley Melton shot and killed a Jones man. There is a story in the Marion County newspaper about a murder of a Jones about that same time. Thanks, Trish Elliott-Kashima, Lawrenceburg, TN

From: Preston <pmorris4@cfl.rr.com>
Date: Sat, 15 Jan 2005 06:52:58 -0500
Subject: Priscilla Elizabeth Bryan Born 1-2-1853
I am searching for information for my husbands family history,
He is the last Morris in this family. All the men died before they were 50 years old. I believe Priscilla could have been my husbands Great-Grandmother, his father's name was Frederick Bryan Morris, his father was Fred Morris we think, still having problems verifying this. The dates are good. thank you for your help

Priscilla Elizabeth Bryan, born 1-2-1853, married B.F. (Fred) Morris 10-16-1882 children Fred Morris 1884, Parents Father- Wade Anderson Bryan, Mother-Jane Huey.

From: <Glosmommy@cs.com>
Date: Tue, 11 Jan 2005
Subject: Robert E. Lee Murray
I am looking for any information about Robert E. Lee Murray. He is half Cherokee and
I am particularly interested in his Cherokee heritage. Any information will be appreciated. He and his father were possibly confederate soldiers. His daughter's name was Lillimae Murray. Thank you, glosmommy@cs.com

From: "Bynum, Major PSD RTC Great Lakes" <major.bynum@navy.mil>
Date: Mon, 10 Jan 2005
Not much to go on, looking for info on a Ervin or Irving Bynum, married
to a Mary Toliver. I know they lived in Sterlington, and Monroe.
Any info will be appreciated.

From: Virginia <virgie@aeneas.net>
Date: Sat, 8 Jan 2005 15:10:17 -0600
Subject: [Union Parish LA] Picture
Does anyone have a picture of the Downsville schools dated from the early
1930? I would apreciate having a copy of the Elementry School which I attended
for my 1st 3 grades.

From: <ButterflySetFree@aol.com>
Date: Sun, 9 Jan 2005 23:47:29 EST
Subject: Sparks Butler Cemetary
My Grandfathers grandparents are Mattie Butler Parrish and E. Parrish, buried in Sparks Butler cemetary. Their daughter Lessie married Frank Leigh against supposedly against the wishes of her parents and was "disowned" One of the records i found of her showed her as Lessie Parrish Brown, cant remember what year. Papa and Nana said that his moms family they thought had donated the land that the courthouse was built on in Ouachita Parish. If you know anything at all about this family please reply. Papa's Father died when he was 3 and his mom when he was about 10 or 11. Left in the care of a stepfather hos parents raised him until the stepfather remarried sometime later and took him back. There was an Aunt Mary (Muselik) that wanted him and I cannot find out who she was, Lessies sister or Franks.

From: <s.vanwyk@verizon.net>
Date: 3 Jan 2005 08:46:16 -0700
Subject: William Wilson b. 1857 LA to Texas
Is anyone researching this William J. Wilson
---1856 probably born in Ouachita Parish LA
---1860 Ouachita Parish LA
Living in household with E. H. Douglas, and S. S. Roach families
---1870 McLennan County Texas
Living in household of Thomas Malone and Alpha Malone McDonald family
---1880 Hill County Texas
Farm laborer in house of Robert G. Maben, he is single
---1900 Wise County, TX
Wilson, William J.. 43 m w b. LA b sep 1857 married 15 yrs (1885) in 1880 he was single.; his parents b. MS
Ollie, wife, 32 married 15 yrs b. LA
William b. Aug 1886 age 13
Henry age 12
Effie age 11
Jessie age 10
Walter age 4
---1910 Wise County TX
Wilson, William J., age 52 first mrg; b. MS MS MS
Frances, wife age 41 b. LA
Henry age 22 single
Effie dau age 21
Jesse age 19
Walter son age 13
Hewlin son age 8

From: <s.vanwyk@verizon.net>
Date: 3 Jan 2005 08:10:50 -0700
Subject:: Relatives of Maggie Moore Brown & Laura Moore Ammons

Do you have information on the parents and family of Buford Brown. Andrew Jackson Brown (A.J.) is listed on the 1850, 1860, Ouachita P. census. He also is listed as a veteran of the Civil War, returning to Monroe. Do you have him in your Brown family history?