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by SueLynn

Please sign my dreambook. Thank you!

Read my Dreambook!
Sign my Dreambook! - a great place to learn about our history.
This is a great site. Give it a try.
Welcome to the Navy at Old Blue Jacket. Com

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We live in an older home in north Louisiana built in 1927. I enjoy listening to mystery novels while driving around town and traveling. I also enjoy volunteer work, cooking, gardening, swimming, genealogy, and calligraphy. Oh!!! and playing on the computer. We have been married for almost 45 years and have two children - both married. We have 4 grandchildren and we enjoy them very much. Some of my favorite places on the internet are shown below. This is something to think about... It's in the Valleys I Grow.

Ouachita Parish High School Class of 66

Let's Take You Back to the Sixties and more...
Just a few Southern Pearls of Wisdom. Time for reading.

Meet Priscilla, the Munchkin
Genealogy - Getting Started with RootsWeb's
     Guide to Tracing Family Trees
GenWeb Project - Ouachita Parish
Monroe sites to visit. Be sure to check out the new historical pages added.
Louisiana Lottery!!!
Louisiana Info!!! And "Everyone in Louisiana is not a Cajun!" New links

Before you send that long forwarded email telling you to Beware! to all your friends,
Check here: Netlore: Rumors, Hoaxes and Urban Legends

River Cities Humane Society for Cats     January 23, 2002

Humane Society Adoption Center of Monroe, Inc.

Ouachita Parish on the WEB.

Recipes from my kitchen! I hope you enjoy them!
Other Cooking Links
The story of Okra - You will be surprised!

Here is the help you need with that Anniversary gift?

Favorite Charity - The Ronald McDonald House

Visit the Garden District Neighborhood Alliance page

Pay close attention to this site - Ouachita Parish Loop Project

Visit Monroe Online Community where the links lead to Monroe!

Our hearts are heavy and we must never forget our fallen patriots in the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and the airline crews and passengers on September 11, 2001. For those interested in flying a flag click on the flag to the left. You will find the "US Flag Laws and Regulations". Another site is a wonderful place to visit and swell with pride ... "I am the Flag."

Jerry's 1936 Dodge Truck items.

Drop me a line at SueLynn
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